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Welcome to the Padayon Metaverse!

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Meet the Padayon Brothers

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Blockchain Developer

Danny Pham a.k.a. "Doughy" is the blockchain developer of Padayon. He's been involved in crypto and blockchain technology for almost a decade and is the co-founder of Kingdom of Dwarves. He sees the potential in NFTs and blockchain tech and is enthusiastic to be a part of it and Padayon.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Marketing Head and Community Manager

Mary Jeuliette Dalhani a.k.a. “Maria”, who calls herself the "NFT fairy" is the Marketing Head and Community manager of Padayon. She has worked with other NFT projects such as Blue Studios, Meta Paradise Island and Meta Places. She first discovered the Crypto space early 2019 working in social media and found her passion with handling communities of various NFT Projects since 2021. For her, the future is now with NFTs and is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the wonderful community of Padayon.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Founder and Project Manager

JR Andrade a.k.a. "Cryotek" is the Founder and Project Manager of Padayon. A Filipino TV Producer based in Doha, Qatar, he is also a loving husband and a father of three adorable kids. He first knew about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in 2015 but focused on it heavily in early 2021. Having been part of several crypto and NFT communities, and understanding the potential future of blockchain, he decided together with a dedicated team of technology enthusiasts to create their own metaverse by showcasing NFTs with a stylized Filipino touch - hence, Padayon was born.

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1st Phase

Determine costs and timeline...

• Launch of Padayon
• Launch of Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, FB)
• Community Building
• Strategic NFT Partnership Building
• Release of AGILA Tokens (Whitelist Tokens)

2nd Phase

Begin building on Webflow...

• Minting of Padayon OG NFTs
• First Airdrop to all OG Holders (must hold at least two distinct characters) - one of the sisters
The First Merge - Holding an OG Padayon Mint and the sister will yield a special NFT called Silid (The Room)
• Second Airdrop to all OG Holders (must hold at least two distinct characters) - a Filipino-Inspired Mythical Creature (to be announced)

3rd Phase

Add the final polish...

• The official launch of the DAO called PhDAO (Padayon Holders DAO) — an OG Holder's initiative wherein we give each holder the right to direct the future of the project
• Airdrop of $PH Tokens to all OG Holders
• Utilization of the $PH Tokens for staking
• Third Airdrop to all OG Holder (must hold at least two distinct characters) — a Filipino themed Mode of Transportation
• The Second Merge — Holding a Mythical Creature and a Mode of Transportation will yield another special NFT (to be announced soon)
• Release of Padayon Merchandise

4th Phase

Learn how to use Webflow...

• Brand Partnerships; your NFTs will unlock special perks in actual real life products (more details to be shared soon)
• Integration of Padayon in a Metaverse platform (more details to be shared soon)

Step 5

2023 and beyond

Release it to the world...

We believe that by this time, we have built a solid community and the PhDAO will greatly help in steering the direction of the project. God-willing and when the pandemic eases, we will be able to hold real-life experiences wherein we can all meet and greet each other and celebrate being part of this community.

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Meet the team that cares about good design

Meet our company founders Dan and Adam

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Dan takes care of day to day business operations, ensures projects run smoothly and finds the best Webflow talent to help execute projects.

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Adam provides creative direction for the business and ensures all projects ensures your website will be built on Webflow, pixel perfect.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Padayon NFT Project?

The Padayon project is a Filipino-themed NFT residing in the Solana blockchain. As an OG Mint, you will meet the three boys of the family, Alberto, Victor, and Gabriel. As we journey along, you will meet the rest of the family and understand the metaverse they live in.

What is the total supply?

There will be a total of 3,333 OG Padayon NFTs in a three tiered-level.

What are the three tier levels?

For the OG Mint, you will randomly get every mint any of the three brothers in these tier levels quantity: Victor (Common at 1,600), Alberto (Uncommon at 1,300), and Gabriel (Rare at 433).

When is the mint day?

Pre-sale for Agila Token Holders (Whitelisted)
- May 30, Monday, 7pm to 9pm (Manila time UTC+8)

Public Mint
- May 30, Monday, 9pm onwards ((Manila time UTC+8)

What is the mint price?

Pre-sale for Agila Token Holders (Whitelisted) - 1 SOL*

Public mint - 1.5 SOL

*1 Agila Token = 1 NFT for 1 SOL. If you want to mint more for 1 SOL, you need to have more Agila Tokens. 🤗

How do I buy a Padayon NFT?

Step 1 - Make sure to have a Solana compatible wallet. (Phantom, SolFlare, etc)

Step 2 - Make sure to load your Solana wallet with enough SOL.
Tip: Use a burner wallet or a wallet that is used solely for minting.

Step 3 - Visit and click the "Mint Now" button at the main page.

Step 4 - At the mint page, click "Connect Your Wallet" then press "MINT".

Step 5 - Approve the transaction in your Solana wallet.

Step 6 - Once transaction is approved, you will see the Padayon NFT in your wallet. Yahoo!!!

Step 7 - Should you wish to mint more, just repeat Steps 3 to 6. 😀

*All Agila Token holders will be able to mint 1 NFT for 1 SOL. 1 Agila = 1 NFT (discounted). More Agila Tokens, more mints.
**For the Public Mint, 1 NFT = 1.5 SOL.
**No limit on minting per wallet. Minting is good till supplies last.

Is there a rarity system?

Yes. Aside from all NFTs as 1:1, the OG Mints will also be in a three tier level system.

Which secondary market can I buy?

Secondary market partnerships are on-going. TBA!

What is Solana?

Solana is a layer 2 blockchain, much like Ethereum, but with much less gas fees, for starters.

What is a Phantom wallet?

A Phantom wallet is an app (either a Chrome extension, or an iOS app) that stores Solana-based cryptocurrencies and Solana-based assets, like NFTs.

Who is the team behind the project?

Meet the team here.

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’d be more than happy to talk!

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